6X8 Cubicles

6X8 cubicles are an interesting size. The 6′ represents the powered spine panels and the 8′ represents the panels off the spine. Most stations in stock are 6×8 but some were originally specified as 8×6. All 8×6 cubicles are listed under this category as well. 7×7 cubicles too because they are 49 square feet which is nearly identical to 6×8 or 8×6 which is 48 square feet. You can take a drawing filled with 6×8 cubicles and usually fill it with 7×7′s. In summary, consider 6×8, 8×6 or 7×7 when designing a space. 6×8 gently used cubicles come with a variety of panel heights, tall, medium height or low. Combination of heights available as well. If you would like a free space plan and quote please call 440-967-7718.