Call Center

Call center cubicles are requested often, because of the size, the are the least expensive solution we offer. We carry every brand of used call center cubicles. Some people call the telemarketing cubicles. Some call the Carroll’s or Cubby’s. If the cubicle has a single rectangular worksurface, it falls in this category. This is the only cubicle size (especially when a pedestal file is not needed) where you should request a quote for NEW cubicles. The pricing for new cubicles from are very competitive to gently-used and you get to pick the colors you want and they come with a warranty! Call center cubicles start at around $275 each and go up from there. If you call for a quote on used call center cubicles we will automatically include a free quote for new product as well. To get the ball rolling, please call 440-967-7718