Cubicles are typically the largest part of an office furniture purchase.  They can be the most complicated too.  How do the cubicles support the workers needs?  What is the correct panel height?  How much storage does the user need?  What about phone and data requirements, work tools, keyboard trays?  How are the acoustics effected in the space – do the panels really reduce sound or noise in a space?  How does the light enter the space and what will the panels do to that light…  The list goes on and on…

Cubicles can make your break your office space. They can either enhance the overall look or make it look “cold” or old. Which scenario depends on how you well you know your workforce and listen to their needs. Cubicles can be configured to create any type of working environment.  Be it open, teaming environment, private (closed), all the same, different per department, structured and so on.

benching cubicles

Know your employees. If you have young, millennial employees you might want to steer clear of the closed in or structured atmosphere.  Most companies nowadays are purchasing a new product called benching cubicles. These cubicles appeal to generation x and some companies need to provide a nice workspace that people will want to work in. They are fresh looking and allow for maximum usability and create an open office feel.

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